Advance Directives

Communication in Advance

An Advance Directive allows you to determine how much treatment you will receive if you have a terminal disease and are unconscious or are in a persistently vegetative state (coma). An advance directive can let you decide how to live the last days of your life, but you must think and talk about these issues with your loved ones and physicians ahead of time.  Because it is impossible to foresee every situation or complication that might arise, share your values about what makes life worth living, your views about life and death, and your end-of-life priorities with your family and doctor so they can respect your wishes in any situation.

Click here to download an Advance Directive for Health Care Form.


Your right to Decide: Oklahoma’s Advance Directive & Other Health Care Planning Tools is now available. This 36-page booklet provides information every Oklahoman needs to know about planning for incapacity and staying in control of medical care at the end of life. You may download a copy below or sending an email to order a free copy of the booklet.

Click here to download a copy of "Your Right to Decide"

There are different legal documents that grant representatives authority and/or provide information about patient wishes. These may include:

  • Advance Directive for Health Care
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • DNR
  • Consent Letters of Guardianship
  • HIPAA Authorization

Each type of document has different requirements for valid execution, take effect at various times, and serves a different purpose.