Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are elected for terms of two years. No director may serve more than three terms (six years) in succession. A director who has served six years may be re-elected to the Board after a period off the Board of at least one year. All officers and members must be active employees of an Oklahoma hospice, and no more than one member of an affiliated agency may serve concurrently on the Board of Directors.

Schedule of Meetings 

OHPCA Board meetings are typically held the third Thursday but times and locations differ from month to month.  All are welcome.

2019 Board of Directors 

President - Laura Trammell                          

Vice President - Michelle Fox                        

Secretary  - Patti Daniels, RN, CPCO            

Treasurer  - Jennifer Cary                               

Past President  Rayetta Dominquez, RN, BSN 

Board Members: 
John Hendrix, MD 
Shelly Murray                                                                                         Kevin Offel          
Carrie Lyn Perry                                                                 Amy Pulliam                                                                                                     Marta Sullivan       

Legislative Liaison, Past Non-Voting - Board Member
Chad Caldwell